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The life of hobbs!

Thursday, August 4, 2005

8:26PM - so. lets keep it safe.

the entry below is some stuff about more too

Sunday, July 31, 2005

11:17PM - so im hobbs =)

Im hobbs =)
And this is my LJ!
If you read it id love for you all to comment and tell me what you think!
im going to try and stay as active as i can!

So lets get started on some basics on me!

Im hobbs

im a boy

im 16

and im a faggot and very proud!

Anyway, i guess if you want to know more about me, myspace is always a option, my url is: www.myspace.com/hobbsy
you can see pictures of me too! feel free to add me =D


So lets get started with a blog entry i guess!

So this week has been pretty good. full of fun!

Starting on monday, well that was the day of nothing, shame that,
Tuesday however, i went to colchester with tons and tons of mates for the day and we all had a great laugh!
And then tuesday night, wow, was amazing! We went to koopa's (a band) release party for there new single, and area 15 was supporting, oh me gosh! the drummer was sooo sexy! like droll! the singer was bad either! this was at the the twist club by the way, but anyway, i got 4 songs dedicated to me! was sooo cool! and i crowd surfed twice! was amazing!
I felt all special! haha!

And then onto wednesday, slept along time, and then went out for a party and then back to a mates!
amazing again!
thursday we all went to a mates for another party, i got extremly drunk and had a excellent time!! haha
And then friday was another party! once again and extremly good night and had such a laugh!

im sitting here alol excited got another party tomorrow (monday) and then another wednesday, have at least 3 a week. my life truly is a party!
and i fucking love it! haha

hmmm what else to write
well i guess this week has kinda been ruined by today
because i have such a headache, and no its not a hang over! lol
its really hurting, and i feel so poop =(
hope its gone by the monday, otherwise ill be very upset. hehe

im going to try and get a job tomorrow, aaagain! lol

hmm dont really have anything to write at the moment.

So ill do some quick advertising. haha

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also you can find a great online forum (community) and also a social network like myspace!

so join!! haha

well im off now!

type soon!


Current mood: headache!